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Watermelon Films

Welcome to Watermelon Films. We love film, we love raw talent and support creative development. 

About us

About us

Watermelon Films is a Limassol and London-based film collective founded by a group of talented Cypriot filmmakers. The collective was formed with the aim of showcasing the incredible talent of Cypriot filmmakers from both Cyprus and the diaspora.

Watermelon Films is committed to creating thought-provoking, visually stunning films that tell unique and diverse stories, challenging conventions and inspiring audiences. The collective comprises some of the most exciting and innovative Cypriot talents, working together to bring their vision to the screen and make their mark on the film industry.

The collective's dedication to producing high-quality films has already gained recognition. Their critically acclaimed film, 'We Are Monster', directed and produced by one of the collective's founding members, was released theatrically in the UK and the US and later acquired by Netflix. In addition, Watermelon Films' short films have been official selections in over 150  film festivals worldwide, further showcasing the collective's diverse and exceptional talent.

Watermelon Films is poised to become a powerful voice in independent cinema, driven by its passion for filmmaking and commitment to showcasing the best of Cypriot cinema. Through their collaborations and partnerships, the collective is set to create a lasting impact on the film industry, bringing fresh perspectives and unique stories to audiences worldwide.

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Watermelon Films 
Agias Zonis, 83 Modestou panteli 2, 3090, Limassol

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